The Twelfth Step for Shoe Addicts


This whole rehab fad thing has gone too far. FBLA discovered a shoe store in Santa Monica called The Twelfth Step. Somehow, we doubt that any one goes in to get a shoe monkey off her back.

The store is owned by Beth Whiffen,who’d been a writer/editor for Cosmo. She told FBLA:

As a fashion writer, I did just that–I wrote about clothes. I wasn’t the one pulling the pieces and making the decisions about what went into the various magazines. It was more of a collaboration where a fashion editor would say, “Here is what we’re running on page 89, write some copy about it.” I like doing that kind of writing and being part of a collective effort. But to have my own store where I have total creative control and can execute my own vision is like a dream.

FBLA is so impressed! How many other disgruntled writers are brave enought to pack it in and entrust their soul to soles?