5 Athletes on Twitter That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Using the medium of truncated messages effectively is much more difficult that it should be, and naturally it has become a way for people to increase their celebrity. Like Hollywood stars, athletes have flocked to Twitter, and some have fared better than others.

Those who use Twitter with any amount of frequency realize that most celebrities’ comments are boring, trite, or simply annoying. Using the medium of truncated messages entertainingly is much more difficult than it should be, even for entertainers, and naturally we’ve seen a lot of users’ tweets devolve into their semi-formed thoughts. In addition to celebrities, athletes have flocked to Twitter, and some have fared better than others. While most tend to be more towards the Eli Manning, “Pro Bowl was fun,” end of the spectrum, there are a handful of must-follow athletes that are real comedians.

1. Shaquille O’Neal, basketball: @the_real_shaq; followers: 3,383,051

Chances are you are one of the over 3 millions followers of the famed basketball star, but if you’re not, there are plenty of reasons why he should be followed. He has famously used Twitter to connect with fans; most recently in Boston he announced that he would take pictures with fans in Harvard Square. In the tweet to fans, he said he would pose silently, and indeed he did, as a statuesque Shaq sat still as fans took pictures and videos around their new Boston sports star. In another famous jaunt, Shaq tweeted where he was eating lunch, and not soon after a crowd gathered to join him. Shaq has always been a fan favorite for his candor and self deprecating ways; with Twitter; he has found a perfect way to connect and entertain.

2. Steve Nash, basketball: @the_real_nash; followers: 291,698

Steve Nash is one of the most humble and personable players in the NBA, and while he takes his play on the basketball court seriously, he doesn’t take himself at all seriously. On Twitter he has joked about his love for soccer, his masculine enjoyment of tea, and his interest in his daughter’s cartoons. Nash is a smart basketball player who has had to reinvent himself over the years as he has gotten older in order to keep up. He has also adapted perfectly to Twitter, retweeting messages from fans, never getting too serious, and always keeping in touch with the public.

3. Tony Hawk, skateboarding; @tonyhawk; followers: 2,256,519

Hawk was the first of a new wave of athletes that were also entertainers and personalities, making skateboarding and other X-Games events main stream. His entrepreneurial ways have found him great success, using his sports fame to become a celebrity. He has, however, never let things get too serious. His Twitter bio reads: professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, ceo, kid chauffeur, global hopscotcher, Huckjammer, & public skatepark defender. He tweets about his day to day activities, which is not at all as boring as it may sound. What’s more, he often sends out pictures and videos to his followers, which includes unimpressive bowling scores and embarrassing videos.

4. Andy Roddick, tennis; @andyroddick; followers: 415,559

Roddick is the face of American tennis, and while he is not among the world’s elite, he is dedicated, emotional, and very open. He is genuine on the court, as he is in interviews, and he has brought that frankness to Twitter. While tweeting funny observations about the world of sports and entertainment, he often makes fun of himself (check out the picture of his tennis face on his homepage). A prime example from November 15, “sporting a mustache for the next 2 days cause of a bet…. it is a horrendous look for anyone not named tom selleck or burt Reynolds”

5. Darnell Docket, football; @ddocket; followers: 51,609

Dockett is a hidden gem on Twitter. He is veteran defensive player for a below average team, but he is loud, boisterous, and often hysterical on the web. Be warned though, his Twitter page is not for children. Just yesterday, a day after playing football on Sunday, Dockett found himself in Vegas sending out pictures and making comments about ridiculously dressed women, among other Vegas sights. His humor isn’t for everyone, but Dockett is uninhibited and sincere, and who knows when one day he will go too far and get caught by the NFL.

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