The Top 25 MySpace Games for May, 2009


The Top 25 for MySpace this past month was very stable amongst the Top 10, but as always, the latter half of the list contained its ups and downs. RPGs still dominate the leaderboards, and we have seen very few of other “genres” beyond those that have sat within the safe-hold that is the Top 10. Here are some of the major highlights from this month’s list:

  • As was said, the Top 10 this past month was almost completely stable with only the #9 and #10 spot swapping places as Zynga‘s YoVille beat out Playdom‘s Kiss Me by a margin of roughly 240,000. However, Mafia Wars did close the gap between it and Mobsters ever so slightly with an active user gain almost four times that of the latter.
  • In addition to this, relatively new title, Sorority Life moved up two places from #15 to #13 to overtake Playdom’s older title, Heroes.
  • The gain for Playdom also pushed Zynga’s RPGs Gang Wars and Dragon Wars down with their respective user counts of 1,994,966 and 1,907,158.
  • Overdrive moved up to #17 with a gain of 219,408 users to take the place of former #17, Cheers, who, surprisingly, is nowhere to be seen this month within the Top 25.
  • With Cheers pushed out completely, the remaining seven titles each pushed up a spot with Speed Racing and Fashion Wars topping Friend Factor at #18 and #19, and Zynga’s other military RPG title, Special Forces filling in the empty slot at #25.

As with last month, MySpace remains the relatively stable platform compared to Facebook. Furthermore, since their official debut, Playdom has certainly held onto their dominance with Mobsters and other popular titles, regardless as to whether or not they fit into the RPG genre.