The Top 25 Facebook Games of November 2012

Now that we’ve all recovered from Halloween, it’s time to look at the Top 25 Facebook games of November. October was a busy month for social games, with several titles seeing some major gains and losses, several of these changes being some of the most dramatic we’ve seen over the past year.

Once again, FarmVille 2 is the big winner with both monthly active users (the best way to gauge a game’s overall reach on Facebook) and daily active users (the best measurement of a game’s core audience).

FarmVille 2 took in 46.3 million MAU over the course of October, allowing it to land the No. 1 spot with a total of 64.3 million MAU. The next biggest gain went to Zynga’s Ruby Blast Adventures (formerly known as Ruby Blast), which received a boost at the end of the month and wound up bringing in 4.4 million MAU. Social Point’s Dragon City had the third-largest gain with 1 million MAU.

In terms of MAU, far more titles saw declines rather than gains. The largest decline belonged to Zynga Slingo, which lost 27 million MAU and now sits at 21.6 million MAU. After that, Zynga’s recently-launched ChefVille suffered the second-highest losses, dropping 22.9 million MAU. Finally, The Ville (which Zynga Founder and CEO Mark Pincus said was being transfered over to the company’s India studio, marking a likely sunset in the near future), fell by 9 million MAU.

Much like with MAU, FarmVille 2 and Ruby Blast Adventures saw the two highest DAU gains: FarmVille 2 was up by 2.2 million DAU and Ruby Blast Adventures snagged 1.15 million. After that,’s Candy Crush Saga hit a new high point with 300,000 DAU, bringing its total to 4.8 million DAU. Traffic was generally up in terms of DAU, with 13 titles this month seeing either no change or an increase in users.

The biggest loser in terms of DAU was Zynga’s ChefVille, which was down by 1.1 million DAU.  After that came The Ville, which dropped off the list after appearing at No. 15 last month with 2.1 million DAU. The Ville is now No. 30 among the top Facebook games on this list, with 1.3 million DAU. FreshPlanet’s SongPop saw the third-largest loss, coming off its meteoric rise over the summer and coming down by 500,000 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataCome back next week for the beginning of November’s Top 25 gainers and losers, when we look at the continued performance of games that appeared on the top 25 DAU list.