The Top 25 Facebook games of February 2013

Just in time for the end of the week, it’s time to look at the Top 25 Facebook games for February 2013.

With the recent changes to Facebook’s reporting, we’ve had to modify how the Top 25 charts looks. Starting next month, we’ll be able to look back at the previous month and begin incorporating data like chart position changes and tier changes. Aside from the basic ranks listed in each of these charts is another set of rankings referencing the position a game holds amongst all of Facebook’s apps. We’ve also noted which tier of user traffic each of these games sits in, as the monthly active user list includes titles from two different tiers.

Both of February’s lists saw some notable changes, including Zynga being knocked out of the top position of the daily active users charts and new titles appearing on both lists.



Taking a look at game rankings based on MAU, which is the best measure of a title’s overall reach on the social network, Zynga’s FarmVille 2 is still on top. In fact, Zynga titles still make up nearly half of the list, taking up 12 spots. The biggest gainer for the month looks to be CoasterVille, which has officially launched and looks to be benefitting from Zynga’s cross-promotion powers. The game first went live in early December and hadn’t made it onto the charts in time for January’s Top 25, but it now holds the No. 4 position.’s 8 Ball Pool debuts on our list, too taking the No. 22 spot.

The two big losers for the past month are also Zynga titles: Ruby Blast Adventures and CityVille 2, which both dropped off the list. With Ruby Blast Adventures this isn’t too surprising, since it was at the No. 23 position last month after losing nearly 10 million MAU.  In January, CityVille 2 held the No. 15 spot on our chart, but that was after its traffic started to plummet. The game is still playable, but it’s currently No. 70 in the 5 Million MAU tier. We’ve reached out to Zynga in the past to ask what’s going on with CityVille 2, but have yet to receive a response.

Now it’s time to turn to DAU, which is the best representative of a game’s core audience. All of the top 25 games on this chart were in the 1 Million DAU tier. No longer sharing the top spot with Zynga, has claimed the No. 1 position with its hit Candy Crush Saga. CoasterVille also saw significant gains on this chart, debuting on our Top 25 list in the No. 5 position.’s 8 Ball Pool also climbed onto this chart, securing the No. 20 position, while Pretty Simple’s macabre hidden object game Criminal Case appeared in the No. 25 spot.

In terms of traffic losses, it looks like there was only one significant drop: Bubble Safari Ocean. Zynga’s newest bubble shooter has fallen off significantly, dropping from the No. 7  spot to No. 23. By contrast, Bubble Safari (which launched in May) is still holding at No. 13.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week, when we start reporting again on the fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU and MAU.