The Spin Cycle (Borscht Edition): 11 Crazy Conspiracy Theories About MH 17

Are you one of the few who still believe that every big story has one true narrative? Did you not listen to Mike Allen?!

Our point: as Julie Ioffe notes today in The New Republic, the Russian public has a totally different understanding of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 than the rest of the world.

“Watching some of these Russian newscasts [where most of the television is owned or controlled by the Kremlin], one comes away with the impression of a desperate defense attorney scrounging for experts and angles, or a bad kid caught red-handed by the principal, trying to twist his way out of a situation in which he has no chance.”

“The discrepancy,” she writes, “does not bode well for a sane resolution to this stand-off.”

After the jump, 11 of the craziest conspiracies being floated over the Russian air waves.

  1. Malaysia Air Flight 17 was full of corpses when it took off from Amsterdam. [Source]
  2. On July 17, MH17 moved off the standard flight path that it had taken every time before, and moved north, toward rebel-held areas outside Donetsk. [Source]
  3. Dispatchers summoned the plane lower just before the crash. [Source]
  4. The plane had been recently reinsured. [Source]
  5. The Ukrainian army has air defense systems in the area. [Source]
  6. The crash was the result of the Ukrainian military mistaking MH17 for Putin’s presidential plane, which looks strangely similar [Source]
  7. All the victims’ Facebook pages were created in one day and the media is not showing any of the victims’ families, just the crash site. [Source]
  8. The passports of victims at the crash site all look brand new even though there was an explosion and a fire. “That is, the passports were tossed in [after the crash].” [Source]
  9. The crash of MH17 was all part of an American conspiracy to provoke a big war with Russia. [Source]
  10. The plane was flown not by real pilots; it was on autopilot. Or take-off (a complicated procedure) was executed by live pilots, who then ejected on parachutes. [Source]
  11. MH17 is actually MH370, that Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared into the Indian Ocean. [Source]

Still think the media can’t control the narrative?

What did we miss?