Claire Daniel

Old Navy: Your Favorite Sexist, Sizeist Retail Store?

Pic via Consumerist Does it shock you that plus size shoppers at Old Navy pay more for a pair of jeans than their leaner counterparts? Some might say “meh” and […]

Ebola Preppers Beware! Texas Is on Tour

Courtesy of PRWeek’s Tumblr blog comes this unnoticed gem: Texas is on Tour.

Will We Ever Learn to Trust a Nielsen Rating Again?

Ratings are Nielsen’s bread and butter, so you can imagine the upset when it was discovered that recent numbers may have been “misattributed.” From the New York Times: Nielsen, the […]

Amal Alamuddin Becomes Mrs. Clooney — and Who Cares?

Eighteen days ago, a supremely successful London barrister married the sexiest of Hollywood stars. Yesterday, she took his last name. That’s right; the beautiful and intelligent Amal Alamuddin is now […]

One Man Wants to Show You How to ‘Get It Right’ with Wikipedia

Have you ever had a client ask you to “look into” or “take care of” their Wikipedia page? Most likely the answer is “yes.” For PR professionals and the clients […]

Thailand Prime Minister’s PSA: Country ‘Not Always Safe for Tourists’ After Murder

Yesterday our friends at Skift revealed that media coverage doesn’t necessarily inspire tourists to pick certain travel destinations. On the other hand, extremely negative coverage would definitely influence our decision […]

#GoodellMustGo: NFL Sponsor CoverGirl Caught Up in Bad Press Tsunami

This weekend brought another wave of bad PR for the NFL in the former of #Goodellmustgo—and it’s threatening to take down one of its key sponsors. The photoshopped image below […]

Flushable Wipes’ Public Image Is in the Sh*tter

Flushable wipes are fighting a PR campaign in the sewers, where they contribute about a third of the debris choking screens and pumps in U.S. treatment plants. Over the last […]

A Day in the Life of a Marketer: Long Hours, No Lunch, Dashed Dreams of Being an ‘Artist’

Oh good, it’s not just me. According to a new survey conducted by AtTask in partnership with MarketingProfs, life is hard for modern day marketers and public relations professionals. Here’s […]

On the #HeadlessDay PR Blunder Apology

On the same day that news of of U.S. journalist’s Steven Sotloff’s death at the hands of ISIS terrorists broke, ThinkJam in collaboration with Fox Home Entertainment rolled out a Headless Horseman-themed […]