The Sims Social Already Has 1.5 Million Facebook Friends

About 1.5 million active users are already creating mischief and mayhem with the Facebook debut of Electronic Arts' "The Sims Social."

About 1.5 million active users are already creating mischief and mayhem with the Facebook debut of Electronic Arts‘ award-winning, life simulating game “The Sims Social” on Facebook.

EA has a deep history in Facebook gaming, and “The Sims Social” joins the powerful Sims brand, which has sold 140 million units since its launch 10 years ago,with translations into 22 different languages in 60 different countries.

Sims games allow players to create and live a virtual, simulated life on a computer.

Players create their Sims, or computer personalities, in any likeness they choose and experience every aspect of their Sims’ social lives, including building a variety of relationships with their real Facebook friends.

With “The Sims Social,” the fun begins when players are presented with challenges, such as forming romantic attachments, flirting, joking or getting married.

They can build dream homes, take showers together, or play pranks on each other.

The challenges are designed to create embarrassing, funny or tension-filled interactions between you and your Facebook friends through news feed updates or wall posts.

The game has been available in five languages and recently won the 2011 Best Browser Game Award from Gamescom.

“The Sims Social” app is free and available from the brand’s Facebook page. The game also has a fan page that boasts more than 7 million likes to date.

EA’s Play Label teamed up with Playfish, its social games division, to develop the game marking the first collaboration between the two groups.

John Earner, general manager of Playfish’s London Studio, said in a press release that the collaboration paid off with unique new features.

When we created “The Sims Social,” it was important for us to incorporate the deep gameplay nuances The Sims Studio has perfected and leverage what Playfish does best – – develop compelling, cutting-edge social-gaming experiences,Our deep knowledge of the Facebook gaming platform enables us to continue to enable dynamic new features, quests and game updates on a regular basis so “The Sims Social” remains fresh and fun.

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