‘The Simpsons,’ LMFAO, Target, Nutella, movies, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Our list of the fastest growing Facebook pages by number of Likes this week was a mixed bag of pages related to TV, movies, tech companies, games, sports and brands. It appears some brands, Walmart and Target in particular, got a lift from Easter promotions.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 292,400 to 3.2 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesTalking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.   The Simpsons47,652,904337,172+37,662+3,264,352
2.   Apple Inc.5,855,91932,925+73,827+1,016,309
3.   Cricket Australia1,150,3499,792+132,108+624,631
4.   LMFAO14,528,1861,049,477+116,331+563,759
5.   Official HEROES Page3,263,3598,149+917+515,977
6.   Target Style1,433,791495,083+7,832+500,171
7.   Nutella15,027,75973,908+74,867+481,838
8.   Resident Evil 5655,57815,711+177,775+455,448
9.   Get Rich or Die T…553,602165+115,214+451,521
10.   She’s The Man657,2291,337+140,481+450,828
11.   Jeremy Lin954,881552,606+34,979+438,508
12.   Titanic19,317,168732,340+92,875+408,387
13.   Diggy1,680,99322,399+23,517+379,169
14.   Stardust366,361153+54,254+363,888
15.   Intel8,591,627248,692+64,708+354,760
16.   Walmart14,397,215362,694+38,738+347,732
17.   Texas HoldEm Poker59,793,504553,414+46,132+324,450
18.   Blades of Glory359,371346+64,870+316,225
19.   BlueStacks825,253288,952+61,289+293,881
20.   Forever Alone2,135,968298,842+27,074+292,439

The Simpsons” topped our list for the second week in a row.  There were a pair of tech companies, Apple Inc. and Intel, that made the list, as did the Android app player for Windows PC, BlueStacks. Some sports pages, Cricket Australia and Jeremy Lin, grew by posting info related to their games. A few musicians who are currently touring made the list, LMFAO and Diggy.

A few game-related pages were led by Resident Evil 5. Four movie pages that appeared to be the result of page consolidations also made the list. “Titanic,” which is currently playing in 3-D theaters, came in at No. 12 on our list in part because of an ad campaign that promoted a Facebook event for the film’s release.

Finally, it appears that some brands benefitted from the shopping rush during Easter. Specifically, Target Style posted copious Easter-related photos, and Nutella and Walmart marketed their products in a holiday vein, too. Rounding out the list was Internet meme site  Forever Alone.