The Red Bull Graduate Program Gives Grads “Wings”

The fact that college grads are struggling to find gainful employment in this economy is not news. It’s also no secret that energy drinks like Red Bull have become a staple of college students’ diets, whether helping them pull all-nighters before exams or mixing seamlessly with cheap vodka at frat parties. Red Bull has combined these two facts to launch a program designed to help recent college grads who’d like to work in the communications business get their “wings.”

Red Bull’s 2013 Graduate Program begins next August under the tagline, “Work hard. Get things done. Make your mark.” According to the company’s website, The Red Bull Graduate Program “is an intense, challenging 18 month deep-dive into the business, cultivating the next generation of brand and sales experts at Red Bull. The Program includes roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty work, as well as formal education at leading universities, and the opportunity for international business assignments. The top candidates will be hired into our Sales, Marketing, or Finance Organizations, and will experience an intensive cycle of learning, succeeding, falling down, getting up, and going back for more.” Sounds fun, but we didn’t hear anything about jello shots. Click here for more.