The PRSA Has PR Job Openings

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is looking for four staffers, two for the PR department and two for marketing.

The two openings on the PR side were once held by Keith Trivitt, the former associate director of PR for the group, and Diane Gomez, manager of PR. Trivitt has taken a position as director of marketing and communications at MediaWhiz. Gomez will be moving to the PRSA’s marketing department on May 25. All three positions in the organization’s marketing department are new, according to the PRSA.

We got a note this morning from O’Dwyer’s with a link to a story that suspects that problems at the PRSA, and specifically in the PR department, resulted in the PR openings. A previous story says the organization’s “PR Defined” campaign, and the criticism of it, led to the changes.

Arthur Yann, VP of PR at the organization, told us in an email that these O’Dwyer’s stories about the job openings are “the latest examples of his fabricating facts… to support the story he wishes to write.” Yann said he wrote the job postings that appear on the O’Dwyer’s site.

William Murray, president and COO of the organization, also sent us a statement via email: “Having just returned from our quarterly Board of Directors meeting, which took place April 20 and 21, I can confirm without hesitation that all of our Board Members, like myself, are incredibly pleased with the performance of our public relations team.”