The Pentagon’s New Weapon?

The Pentagon's New Secret Weapon


Above, from today’s episode of “The Situation Room,” we see the latest trick the U.S. is using to combat the Iraq insurgency: CNN’s Barbara Starr. Can anyone imagine a more terrifying sight for an insurgent than Starr bearing down on you with a Glock?

Tomorrow’s show? Jack Cafferty gets an uzi.

[Real story is that she was demonstrating a new DoD training tool]

> Since TVNewser suggested it, we’re beginning to get some do-it-yourself caption offerings:

1) “Faster, Tootsie! Kill! Kill!”

2) “Secretary Rumsfeld, I’m going to ask my question one. more. time.”

3) “Wolf, you say ‘Situation Room’ again, and it’ll be your last.”

4) “Novak, just put it down and step away. No one has to get hurt. Carville didn’t really mean that.”

5) “Hold it right there Rick Sanchez.”

6) “Larry, put zee microphone down!”

7) “Greta, you’ll never take me alive.”

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