The (Other) Real Top 14 PR Twits to Follow in 2014


They’rrrrrrrrre Baaaaaaaaack!

ICYMI: PRNewser rang in the New Year with a list of the people we considered the Real Top 14 PR Twits to Follow in 2014.

It was, by all accounts, an “astonishing” list whose members’ follows “rocketed” toward the stratosphere (See what a PRNewser stamp of approval can do?). Anywho, that list was very difficult to finalize because we wanted to maintain the numerological alliteration—14 and 2014, for those scoring at home—so we had to get picky and put on the cap. Nothing personal if you were excluded; we’re just OCD like that.

Whelp, after reviewing our rules for what makes a “real PR twit” and realizing how many social media studs we couldn’t put on our initial list because numbers, we threw caution into the wind and decided to write a sequel. So, break out your Twitter feed and get ready to follow everyone on this “hotly anticipated” follow-up.

Here are the other 14 Twits for your review, flacks.


Peter Himler1. Peter Himler. The guy founded Flatiron Communications in 2005, and he’s been quite the big deal ever since. He contributes to a little-known publication called Forbes, and his more than 7,000 followers are treated to good insights and even better links. Most importantly, he attended our party last year along with the rest of the “in crowd”. Peter isn’t beyond having a good conversation via the Twitter, either—just ask him about Gov. Christie. We dare you.

Ashley McCollum2. Ashley McCollum. All those who dig BuzzFeed, raise your hands, GIF style. Yeah, our hands were raised over and over and over again too. Ashley is BuzzFeed’s flack—and who wouldn’t just follow her by proxy? She has a nice balanced ratio of followers to following, and doesn’t mind providing a snarky comment every now and then.

todd-van-hoosear3. Todd Van Hoosear. On certain rare occasions, a top Twit is so engaged that his followees outnumber his followers. Meet Todd. This flack talks to everyone with good feedback. He is a fellow here, a planner here, and a bigwig here. To learn more about the guy, click here. He has more info online than most adult film stars (or so we’ve heard).

greg-galant-shorty-awards4. Greg Galant. Much as we heart BuzzFeed, will all the flacks who love MuckRack form a line to the left? And now, bestow your gifts at the feet of one its makers (as well as this cool place). Yes, this guy! According to our fearless leader at PRNewser, Greg is also not beyond purchasing an adult beverage from time-to-time. It’s not payola for journos. We asked.

Dave-Armon5. Dave Armon. He is the major domo of Critical Mention and is a follower of most people who holler at him first. Great balance with tweeps and thoughts. Dave also excels at taking TwitPics of New York scenery: cabs, runaway Santas, bridges and the occasional homeless guy. (Well, maybe not, but if we had his account, we would do that.)

David_Armano6. David Armano. Our attempts to define “intrapreneur” have quite often led us to scroll through Mr. Armano’s tweets—the Edelman nabob has some good stuff to say, link, share and post. From SnapChat to Vine, Google to [insert your favorite online news source here], Armano lives online. We’re grateful because, here at PRNewser, we wear the “troll” and “lurker” badges with pride.

aliah-davis-mchenry7. Aliah Davis McHenry. If you don’t recognize the name, you certainly have seen @PRDivaBlogbecause girl gets around the social media universe (and not in that changeling sort of way). She uses both her corporate and personal accounts to engage, discuss and follow, and we love her for that.

Caroline-McCarthy8. Caroline McCarthy. Typically, “consultant” is a term flacks use when they are in-between jobs and doing a friend a solid. And then there’s “Caro”. Just read her bio: Mashery, Gawker, CrowdCentric, Google, CBS, CNET and this paltry institution known as Princeton. Following her just makes us feel special. Smart, too.

PARTY LIKE A JOURNALIST9. Stuff Journalists Like. Meet Chris Ortiz. He’s the wunderkind and open mind behind one of our all-time favorite Twitter accounts. We highly recommend this account for newbies and veterans alike. Its mix of high comedy and low jargon is always good for a giggle. Memes to movies, links to laughs — yes, even journos like those too.

tressa-robbins10. Tressa Lynne Robbins. She’s great for a follow, a giggle, a link or even a nice pick-me-up. The girl is a Veep at BurrellesLuce, PRSA St. Louis president, a PRSSA mentor and a member of the “Redneck Yacht Club” (whatever the hell that is — maybe the boat with the screen door in it from the infomercial). She’s connected to engage, not to be engaged. Flacks come first with her. Nice.

shama_kabani_zen_marketing11. Shama Kabani. If you don’t know her, you should. As founder of The Marketing Zen Group, this woman is called upon everywhere to be one of those altruistically dubbed “social media evangelists.” While she doesn’t pass the pate at her appearances, we would pay cash money to hear her pontificate about what’s up in this industry. She’s just that good.

brandee-barker12. Brandee Barker. Anyone who has “Facebook’s PR exec 2006-2010 with the scars to prove it” in her Twitter bio is worth the follow alone. She is also co-founder of The Pramana Collective, which was covered by AllThingsD, so it’s legit. She likes to chat, tweet and share. The troika of love to being real on Twitter for us. (And she worked at Facebook. That’s probably her spending money. Damn, we hate her.)

christine-perkett13. Christine Perkett. Much like a few of the aforementioned Top Twits, this woman is practically omnipresent, outside of the whole deity complex thing. She is CEO of Perkett PR, writes for Forbes, Working Mother and Marketing Profs, and overall personification of “socialite” via this media forum. She follows many folk but engage her with a quip and she’s all over it. She’s worth a follow and a listen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA14. Deirdre Breakenridge. She is CEO of Pure Performance Communications, but possibly better known as the co-founder for #PRStudChat. At first, the guys of PRNewser thought this was some novel PR singles network, but not so much. Deirdre is a champion of information — using it and sharing it. Check her TL, many of the folk she tweets are on this list, and the one before that. Wanna be included? Give her a holler. We think Twitter is surgically attached to her somehow.

BOPwcz6515. Kathleen Schmidt. OK, we’re gonna break our own rules here and add a bonus entry for two reasons: because she shares our stuff, interacts with us, and provides us with story ideas often…and because she is the most prolific tweeter in the publishing world, bar none. Want to know what’s going on in book promotions? Want to know what a day in the life of a PR guru/super-busy mom/voracious media omnivore looks like? Ask the PR director for Weinstein Books. Also: we just couldn’t stand the thought of her being mad at us for leaving her off this list.

Okay, kids. That’s the other Top 14 PR Twits to follow in 2014.


Follow each one of them and you’ll grow a social media big brain. And BTW, you know, the authors of your favorite industry blog are worth the follow too.Tonya, Lizzy, Patrick and SPW would all welcome your tweets. And while we aren’t cool enough to be on this list, we did gather enough swagger to get together and write it. So there’s that.