The One Thing You Can Do On Twitter That Will Drive All Your Followers Away

It might sound ironic, but the absolute worst thing you can do on Twitter if you’re looking for more followers is to ask for them. Begging for followers is a favorite pastime of scammers, spammers and many of the uninitiated, and it will drive your followers away faster than begging for money.

Begging for followers just reeks of desperation. And people can feel it.

You might have seen tweets like this pop up in your timeline from time to time:

“Plz follow @SomeRandomUser they are so cool!”

These tweets are even sometimes directed right to you with an @mention.

If your initial reaction to this is to turn up your nose at such a blatant attempt by @SomeRandomUser to score some new followers, you’re right to. In all likelihood, tweets like the one above are sent from auto-tweeting bots or are sent on behalf of @SomeRandomUser as part of a financial or other type of deal.

So now let’s turn the tables here and look at your own tweeting. Have you ever tweeted to a celebrity asking them to follow you? Or to an influencer in your niche? If you have, did they actually do it?

Chances are they didn’t, and chances are you sounded as desperate and spammy as the example above.

Begging for followers doesn’t work for a few reasons:

  • It looks desperate
  • It is associated with scams
  • It usually doesn’t target the right new followers
  • It annoys your current followers

And even if you are able to get a few people to follow you by simply asking them to, they’re bound to be random users who aren’t interested in your niche or what you have to say, and who will most likely unfollow you within a few days once they realize they’ve been duped.

So if you want to gain more followers (and keep the ones you have), I beg you, don’t beg for followers.

To really get quality new followers, you’ve got to put the work in. Tweet interesting things, engage your audience, be helpful and friendly, and stick with it. There are no shortcuts that work when it comes to Twitter.