The often overlooked reason why Facebook converts so well

Screenshot 2014-07-04 12.45.18
See what’s immediately above this sponsored post? It shows that Joe Chernov, Jill Rowley, Robert Scoble, and a number of my friends like this company.

Kapost is a content marketing software company, so they’ve managed to attract the industry’s top influencers as fans. It had nothing to do with ipad giveaways or buying fans to fluff their fan count. Just building real trust over time.

It had nothing to do with how they tested elements of their landing page. No amount of changing button placement, color, or size substitutes for trusted endorsements from friends.

Four years ago, we called this the “most powerful secret” in Facebook ads. And shy of making it sound like snake oil, wouldn’t you agree that the most powerful marketing is what raving fans say?

You can’t exactly buy these endorsements. But if you have kick-butt content marketing to truly educate and entertain, Jason Miller style, then you can.

And that’s just what social has always been about, even before there were computers.

So don’t fret about Facebook’s latest algorithmic change to slap down people who are shamelessly shilling. If your content is truly interesting, you have no fear from Facebook’s algorithm.

Even if you’re in a “boring” industry, you can find an angle other than your product. And your competitors have the same limitation, anyway. Your guy doing SEO probably has some thoughts here, if they’re doing it the right way (not buying links).

Because social endorsement is increasingly necessary to stand out in the newsfeed and then to assist in conversion once you reach the user, several things are true:

  • The only practitioners in Facebook marketing should be product-using customers themselves. Cue the death of the social media consultant, who knows about Facebook in general, but nothing about your product.
  • Content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the same thing. I got news for you. If you think you do SEO but can’t write content, go talk to the social media consultants who don’t know your products. This will anger a lot of SEOs who will argue blue in the face that their tactics work or that on-site SEO is enough. They view Facebook like the yellow pages guys view Google.
  • You need to embrace marketing automation. That means nurturing your users with pinpoint personalized content based on who they are and where they are in your journey with you.  The only way to do that is via paid tools (no surprise), since custom audiences require that you pay to deliver this level of targeting. But you pay for your email program to send mail, so why not social?

Sherly Sandberg used to refer to Facebook marketing as “word of mouth at scale.” They aren’t using that phrase so often anymore, but we still believe it to be true and always will be.