The Official Starbucks for Android App is Finally Here

Just last week I asked where the official Starbucks for Android app was in the development queue.

Starbucks Mobile Marketing Strategy. And, Where is Their Android App?

The answer, as of this week, is: Right the Android Market.

Starbucks for Android

However, if you search using just the string “Starbucks” in the Android Market, prepare to do a bit of browser scrolling. The official app is the 18th app in the list right after the “Coffee Facebook” app.

The free Starbucks for Android app lets you pay at Starbucks, check your balance, reload (or add new) cards and track stars (for added benefits including getting a Gold card). These are the main features found in the iPhone app.

A comment in the Android Market User Reviews section notes that the app cannot be moved from system memory to an SD flash storage card. This may be a problem for those with older Android devices with limited system memory because the app is very large at 8.9MB.

Via Mashable: Starbucks Mobile Payments Coming to Android & 1,000 Safeway Locations

Video courtesy of Starbucks