The Number One Resource You Need For When Twitter Goes Down

Did you know that Twitter has a resource that lets you know when there’s an interruption in service? Now you don’t have to scramble to Facebook to try to see if anyone there is experiencing the same outage as you are.

There are actually a few places you can look if you are getting error messages on Twitter.

First, try the Twitter Status Blog. This is where you’ll find the major issues that Twitter is dealing with. Anything big – like direct messages not working, a delay in tweet delivery, or issues with the @mentions folders – will be on this blog.

Twitter updates the blog whenever an issue pops up, as well as when it is resolved for all users.

If you suspect you’re experiencing an issue that isn’t on the Twitter Status Blog, you can dig a little deeper and check out Twitter’s API Status. This resource is designed for developers, but it’s useful for us regular users, too.

At the top of this page you’ll see a summary of any known issues in Twitter’s API. These issues could affect things such as how your profile picture or bio loads, search functionality, and your favorites.

If you scroll down, you’ll see a historical chart of when each API function was working properly, and any days that it was slow or down.

And finally, Dave Larson of @TweetSmarter pointed out that he’s put together a Twitter list of all of the official Twitter accounts that announce outages – you’ll find information in real-time from this list that you won’t find anywhere else. Thanks Dave!

So next time you find something wonky with Twitter, never fear – you can now see if you’re experiencing a “phantom” issue, or if you’re experiencing a known outage.

Image courtesy of Arcady via Shutterstock