The Number Of Russian-Speaking Twitter Accounts Surpasses 1 Million

According to a new study by Russian firm Yandex, July 2011 saw the number of Russian-speaking Twitter accounts surpass 1 million.

The firm also found that each day on Twitter, there are about 370,000 tweets sent in the Russian language. Compare this to March 2010 which saw only 150,000, and it looks like the number of Russian tweets has more than doubled in the past year or so.

Looking at these 370,000 tweets, Yandex found that 8 percent of them were retweets (compared to 5 percent a year earlier), and about 33 percent were replies to other users.

However, the number of active users – in Russian at least – is dropping. About 64,000 of the 1 million are actually active on a daily basis. This is a huge drop: only 6.4 percent of all registered users are currently active, while the number was closer to 60 percent in March 2010.

However, this echoes some of the research done by Business Insider a few months ago, which accessed Twitter’s API to determine how many users were active. According to BI, only 21 million of the more than 200 million registered accounts were active – approximately 10 percent.

Each Russian-language tweet is a different length, of course, but the study found that the average length was just 84 characters of the possible 140 – just over half. And a third of the tweets examined contained links, the most popular URL shortener,, being used in 44 percent of cases.

The surge in new Russian-speaking accounts might be partially due to Twitter’s official Russian language support, which launched at the end of April 2011. This likely encouraged more Russians to sign up, as the process became easier.