The New York Times Goes Social Too

The New York Times is rolling out a new site feature called TimesPeople. NYT aims to make TimesPeople as a social network for Times readers. But before you think that TimesPeople will soon battle it out with top social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace, actually TimesPeople will not.

Basically, TimesPeople will let you assemble a network of Times readers who can see your updates when you recommend an article, comment on a blog post or rate a movie or restaurant. Your NYT network of readers will see your updates via a special toolbar that would appear at the top of every page.

In addition, you will also have a personal page that would keep track of your TimesPeople activitites as well as let you browse your network of readers. In a way TimesPeople helps you in discovering things on NYT which you might have otherwise missed.

To get you started using TimesPeople, all you have to do is sign up for TimesPeople, Log in to your NYTimes member ID >> Click on the Get Started link on the NYT home page >> start building your network of NYT readers.

TimesPeople does not monitor routine site activity, such as reading articles, clicking links or viewing graphics. All your private activities including e-mailing an article or video, stay well private.