The New York Times Finally Offers Meager Pat On Back For The Boston Globe

A week after The Boston Globe set traffic records and began tirelessly chronicling the aftermath of the Boston bombings, The New York Times, the company that owns but is trying to sell the Globe, thanked it.

“You guys were on the case literally from the instant the first bomb went off and never let up, providing readers and users with a constant flow of timely and accurate information as events unfolded in real time,” Kenneth A. Richieri the general counsel of the Times Company, astutely noted in an email to Teresa Hanafin, the Globe‘s social media editor.

But, really, Richieri wants you guys to know great job, Globies. Since his company is selling your newspaper, he will assure you that he, and it, recognizes you’re doing the bare minimum of what is asked of a reporter these days — reporting accurate information quickly. Never mind the quality, breadth and tirelessness of your reporting, because, like, that’s going to be someone else’s business soon enough.

Oh, wait, he almost forgot:

“It was a terrific performance under the most trying of circumstances, and you should all feel very proud,” he added.

Now, here’s a quarter, go buy a gumball! It’s not like competitor newspaper are buying scores of pizza and salad. Oh, wait.