Alexander C. Kaufman

Madeleine Brand ‘Presses Play’ on New Noon Show on KCRW

Madeleine Brand launched her new KCRW show “Press Play” on Monday after spending over a year off public radio airwaves. Long a rush-hour fixture in Los Angeles, she quit her […]

If Vox Media is the Next Condé Nast, Will Ezra Klein Build its New Yorker?

Jim Bankoff sounded brazen in December 2012 discussing his plan for his little digital publisher Vox Media to someday rival the magazine titan housing The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Wired […]

Matt Yglesias Named Executive Editor of Ezra Klein’s New Vox Media Venture

Matt Yglesias will serve as executive editor of the new Vox Media venture founded by Ezra Klein, FishbowlNY has learned. “That is my title,” Yglesias confirmed to FishbowlNY in an […]

Does WSJ Have a Problem Disclosing Conflicts of Interest?

A letter published by The Wall Street Journal on Saturday drew criticism from Jewish groups and readers for comparing recent protests targeting San Francisco’s wealthiest residents to a series of 1938 […]

WSJ Allows Former News Corp. Exec to Compare ‘War’ on Rich to Nazi Anti-Semitism

Nearly eight decades ago, Germans, enraged by Nazi Party propaganda, burned and destroyed Jewish shops and synagogues, killed 91 Jews and arrested 30,000 more, deporting them to concentration camps. To […]

Why Rupert Murdoch Bought Out YES Network Two Years Early

When Rupert Murdoch bought 49 percent of the Yankees- and Brooklyn Nets-focused YES Network over a year ago, he pledged to take a majority stake after three years. On Friday, […]

No, Slate Hasn’t Hired Jeb Lund

Nearly a year ago, Gawker writer Jeb Lund outed his real identity, having long blogged under the nom-de-plume Mobutu Sese Seko, the infamous Congolese dictator. Another revelation: He was leaving Gawker. On […]

5 Ways Journalists Are Starting to Jam With Biz Stone’s Jelly

A week ago, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launched his new venture, a crowdsourced question-and-answer service called Jelly. And some social media editors are already getting a taste for it. The […]

How an LA Times Reporter Learned to Face Death to Understand Life

In the 2010 HBO documentary about his life, Dr. Jack Kevorkian espoused what he had learned after years of helping disease-addled patients end their own lives: Once you accept death […]

Former NY Times Mobile Editor Heads to Meetup

Top editors just can’t resist shiny new job titles in the Silicon startup scene lately. Nearly a week ago, The Wire editor Gabriel Snyder announced his jump from the Atlantic […]