The New York Times, Canoe Experiment with Ads for Visitors from Twitter

If Kim Kardashian can make money for tweeting, why can’t news organizations? examined efforts by The New York Times and Canadian news publisher Canoe to monetize their Twitter activity.

The New York Times Online began selling ad packages that appear exclusively for visitors who arrive via social-media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and advertisers can buy certain shares of those readers, according to

The New York Times Media Group senior vice president and chief advertising officer Denise Warren told

We’re taking a bit of a wait-and-see approach on that one. We want to be sure that audiences really understand the difference between the paid tweet and the real tweet.

I couldn’t give you projections yet for what we think this is going to yield. What we’ve seen, like most publishers, is that there’s more of an acceptance by marketers to embrace these kinds of tools. We’re definitely seeing much more interest in these programs.

Canoe, meanwhile, started using a service from Assetize that inserts advertising bars atop pages reached via participating Twitter feeds, reported, and director of social media David Newland is pleased with the results, saying:

They’ve given us ample opportunity to present advertising or sponsorship in that space. We’re interested in potentially going that route, depending on what happens.

I’m very conscious of people’s sensitivities around advertising in any new medium. We don’t want to tick people off. At the same time, we are in the business of doing business.
I don’t think we’re the only ones scratching our heads and asking, “How does a big company use a micro media?”