The MySpace Platform, One Year Later: Games Dominating

Just over one year has passed since the launch of the MySpace Developer platform on February 5, 2008. At that time, MySpace opened up the platform for all developers. Now, one year later, what apps are doing well on MySpace?

Here’s the list of the MySpace Platform’s top 25 apps as ranked by total installs:

Clearly, gaming apps dominate the MySpace platform. On Inside Social Games, we closely track the top gaming apps on the platform, most of which appear in the overall top 25 above. The latest numbers as of February 3 show Zynga’s second place Mafia Wars is growing at a rate nearly 3x that of the platform’s top application, Mobsters, in terms of total installs

Of the top 25 applications, 8 are developed by Zynga. Contributing to Zynga’s install strength is their use of promotions on MySpace, including both banners and Sponsored app placement in the MySpace app gallery.

While the comparisons to Facebook are unavoidable, the MySpace platform is a different enviroment altogether. The past year has proven that success on one platform does not neccesarily equate to success on another. That said, these results and a glance at the AppData Facebook Application Leaderboard confirm that thus far games are doing very well across social platforms.