The Most Popular Tin House Kindle Title

Today the literary journal and publisher Tin House tweeted an interesting fact: “Possum Living seems to be our most successful book on Kindle. Curious if our nonfiction is more likely to succeed on e-book devices.”

The book has received a second life recently as National Magazine Award winner Paige Williams (pictured, via) reported and wrote a 6,000-word piece about the forgotten author of the book, Dolly Freed. Williams self-published the profile and asked for reader donations.

Currently priced at $9.32, the digital edition of the book is $3.63 cheaper than the list price. That’s a fitting bargain for a book devoted to living simply and cheaply during a difficult recession in the 1970s.

Journalist Carolyn Kellogg asked in another tweet: “Possum Living is @Tin_House’s most popular Kindle book so far – but would its frugal author ever buy an ereader?