The Mayor, the Mistress(es) and the Media


The Gateway Pundit is all over the newest addition to the Mayor’s alleged harem: fashion designer and LA Planning Commissioner Sabrina Kay. There’s a translation of the Korean-language Sunday Journal’s 2006 piece about their trip to Korea.

The LA Times loves the multicultural community–will they notice this angle to the story? Or is the paper all done? If so, George Skelton didn’t get the memo. Looking the other way seems to be the MO for the MSM.

When CNN producer Karrah Kaplan asked us to recommend a good talker about Villaraigosa/Salinas, we steered her towards Luke Ford, who broke the story. Ford tells the truth, which might have been a little strong for CNN as he posts:

Host Betty Nguyen taped a post-show four-minute interview with me. She asked me if people in Los Angeles were outraged about the mayor’s adultery. I burst out laughing and said I hadn’t met any.

Ford then riffed on the lack-luster performance of the LA Times, much to the dismay of Nguyen.