The Making of an eBook Part 9: A Near-Pub Update

Cradle Book.jpg

My book is due out in May, which means my publisher should be sending its order off to the printer–that is, for the print edition. I checked in with my editor, Peter Conners of BOA Editions, today to see how the eBook was coming. He says it’s almost done, though there are a couple more stages to go.

Here’s what Peter said: “We checked in with Bill Jones this week and he is getting to work on it today and over the weekend. I’m anticipating it’ll be ready for proofing next week. We plan on making it available simultaneously with the print version. We’ll proof Bill’s version, give him edits, proof it again to make sure those were integrated and didn’t create any new problems.”

This worry about creating new problems is inherent to the eBook-making process. An eBook isn’t just a document, it’s a bunch of code, a little bit alive, as it were, and changes can have ramifications.

But, as I’ve explained before, BOA decided to go with its in-house designer, Bill Jones, to do the eBook. I had an early draft a month or so ago, and now it’s really go time. I’ll let you know next week how the finished book looks.

And we’ll talk a bit about what I’ve learned about marketing. Until then, I wish you happy iPad hopes and digital dreams.