The Lebron James Pitch

Possibly the biggest pitch this holiday weekend – and one that continues into this week, is between several NBA teams courting the league’s free agent superstar, Lebron James. got their hands on the presentation from marketing consultant Interbrand, which attempts to lure James to New York and promises big numbers:

LeBron could earn close to $1 billion over his lifetime in salary and endorsements if he makes Madison Square Garden his permanent home–their high-end estimate sees him earning as much as $2 billion.

Not surprisingly, James is on media “lockdown.”
His publicist, Keith Estabrook of Estabrook Group has done a nice job of keeping his own name out of the news-cycle as well. Estabrook also represents Braylon Edwards of the New York Jets and Terrell Owens. He was SVP of corporate communications at Sony BMG before forming his own agency.
“When reporters call the Cavaliers public relations department on a James query, they are transferred swiftly to Estabrook in Manhattan,” the New York Post recently reported.
PRNewser has their own call into Estabrook’s office in attempt to have him shine some light on the PR process behind what is shaping up to be the biggest sports signing in recent memory.