The Job Post: How to Score a Marketing Director Position at Dailymotion

Aside from filming yourself doing a stupid human trick, the best way to get into the viral video game is to be a part of the portals that offer up the goods. Enter Dailymotion, one of the largest video sharing websites in the world.

If your background is marketing, the company could use your expertise. In fact, Dailymotion has a marketing director gig open in its New York office, but you must be driven, ambitious and proactive to land it.

Knowing that the position involves helping the company increase its audience and raise brand awareness, you should prepare several ideas for the interview, and even consider briefly touching upon your ideas in your cover letter. Don’t go bananas. No one wants to read a 10-page cover. Be succinct and convey your knack for creating Web marketing strategy and your ability to build plans and revise them on the fly.

Your resume should reflect a responsibility for audience metrics for a consumer facing Internet business, and a demonstrated knowledge of SEM and email marketing campaigns. Prove that you’re all about data and are fun to be around (it’s the Internet, people) and you should be good to go. When you’re ready, apply here.