The Internet Screams ‘Bring Back Veronica Mars‘ and the Public Listens

Confession: we’ve never seen Veronica Mars. Hell, we’ve never even seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so maybe we missed out on a few things. That said, we love the concept of the DIY “bring back our show” campaign. It’s no longer a joke: the makers and fans of beloved-but-low-rated shows like Arrested Development, Community and Party Down used word of mouth and the might of the Internet to give their projects second lives. (The last two are still a little iffy, but you get the point.) And in case anyone wasn’t aware, FOX cancelled Seth MacFarlane‘s shameless Simpsons ripoff Family Guy not once but twice before Adult Swim and the trusty Internet brought it back.

The PR message? Compelling content will always have an audience–the challenge is finding those fans, engaging them and driving them to take action.

Now tools like Kickstarter have made the DIY fundraising process easier than ever. Some enterprising guy (who we’ve been is show creator Rob Thomas, duh) decided to use the site/app/etc. to start a “let’s make a movie” campaign, and the numbers tell a very encouraging story: total backers rose by more than 2,000 in the time it took us to write this post! Forbes predicts that the sure-to-be-upcoming feature will be the first film funded entirely by Kickstarter, and we have to agree.

Here’s the video if you’re interested:

No, this isn’t professional PR, but it is a cool idea. And imagine what a campaign like this one could do with a few PR pros at the helm!