The HP TouchPad Clearance Sale Crosses the Pond

When HP put its webOS tablet on clearance, it spawned a buying frenzy here in the US. Most stores sold out within hours of announcing the new price; HP’s own retail website nearly collapsed under the load; and there were rumors of fist-fights in some stores.

Well, it’s not over with just yet. Several retailers in various countries announced yesterday that they would also be selling their remaining stock at the clearance price.

Due to it being quiet a few hours ahead of us, the Australia sales happened first. Most retailers including Harvey Norman lowered the price on Monday and sold out within hours. There were even some reports of store staff buying up the remaining units before officially announcing the sale.

Next, the UK based Dixons dropped the price on the TouchPad yesterday and it appears that the tablet is no longer available on the website. But there is a chance that you might still find units in Currys and PCWorld stores (2 retail chains owned by Dixons).

And then there’s France. According to my source, FNAC is supposed to have put both models on sale, but I cannot see the sale price. Of course, if I were in France, there’s a chance that I might be able to see the price. This wouldn’t be the first time that a retailer used regional restrictions to show several different prices.

So, have you found any good deals? We’d like to hear about them.

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