50 ‘Most Beautiful in D.C.’ List Goes (Hot and) Heavy on PR


When reading today’s reports on the 1,300 editorial journalists who lost their jobs in 2013, you probably didn’t turn to The Hill’s annual “50 most beautiful people in D.C.” list to defend the craft.

Yet “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people” is one of the oldest and most persistent cliches concerning business in our nation’s capital–one that The Hill seems desperate to disprove each year by highlighting the good-looking folks behind the faces that haunt our nightmares.

In a shocking turn of events, this year’s list includes quite a few young professionals who work on the communications side of the political world.

Let’s review (all pics courtesy of The Hill, so give them some clicks).






…and the list goes on. Things we learned:

  • Congressfolk have lots of “schedulers”
  • The list skews heavily female
  • The list was founded by our former colleague/current Daily Caller contributor Betsy Rothstein
  • Someone finds both Rand Paul and Bret Baier to be “beautiful”
  • The Hill writes the fluffiest, least controversial profiles this side of Good Housekeeping

Here’s our favorite aside: in 2007, Kevin Madden, former press secretary for House Minority Leader John Boehner who went on to serve as spokesperson for Mitt Romney’s 2008 campaign, begged and pleaded not to appear on the list–but Rothstein insisted, saying, “Tom Cruise can’t refuse to be on People’s ‘Most Beautiful’ list, and Kevin Madden couldn’t refuse to be on ours.”

Does D.C. look glamorous yet?