The Grinns Tale tops this week’s list of emerging Facebook games

Nexon’s The Grinns Tale once again appears on our list of emerging Facebook games, taking the top spot with 25,139 MAU, a 169 percent gain.

Correction: We reported The Grinns Tale was developed by 6waves. 6waves is publishing the game, but it was developed by Nexon.

Nuukster’s Birdopolis took the No. 2 spot with 20,000 MAU, up 50 percent. Uken Games’s Forces of War was also up by 50 percent with a 20,000 MAU increase, taking the No. 3 spot. Arvara’s wine-themed RPG Chateau took in 18,919 MAU, a 1,750 percent gain that snagged the No. 4 position. Finally, No. 5 went to Idle Media’s Backyard Buddies, which brought in 11,193 MAU for a 127 percent increase.

The rest of the list featured smaller percentage gains, the majority of which were under 20 percent. However, three games had gains of 10,000 MAU for 25 percent increases: FreshPlanet’s Spa Life (likely benefitting from the success of SongPop), Verve Inc.’s Diner Garden and Colorcube Games’s Vida Rock 2.

1. The Grinns Tale40,000+25,139+ 169%
2. Birdopolis60,000+20,000+ 50%
3. Forces of War60,000+20,000+ 50%
4. Chateau20,000+18,919+ 1,750%
5. Backyard Buddies20,000+11,193+ 127%
6. Top Gear Speed World60,000+10,000+ 20%
7. Seaside Hideaway60,000+10,000+ 20%
8. Fitness City80,000+10,000+ 14%
9. King’s Bounty: Legions80,000+10,000+ 14%
10. Spa Life50,000+10,000+ 25%
11. Diner Garden50,000+10,000+ 25%
12. PokerMob80,000+10,000+ 14%
13. Bricks Breaking90,000+10,000+ 13%
14. Vida Rock 250,000+10,000+ 25%
15. Real Madrid Fantasy Manager80,000+10,000+ 14%
16. Hello Adventure!90,000+10,000+ 13%
17. Flash Games60,000+10,000+ 20%
18. 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool90,000+10,000+ 13%
19. DailyHoroscope60,000+10,000+ 17%
20. Revienta el teclado80,000+10,000+ 14%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.