The Grinns Tale officially launches on Facebook and Kongregate

Nexon’s The Grinns Tale officially launched on Facebook and Kongregate this morning, meaning the game is no longer in beta.

The game is a combination of the citybuilder and role-playing game genres, with players establishing a base of operations to harvest resources and leading teams of heroes into an ominous tower to fight monsters, search for treasure and further the game’s overall storyline. While the game was in beta, we were told it received a substantial number of updates but haven’t received a detailed list about what was included in said updates.

We reviewed The Grinns Tale back in August, and we liked what we saw then. Between the engaging storyline, solid RPG mechanics and simple-to-learn gameplay, the game stood out amongst other social games because it felt fresh, original and (above all) fun. The game’s traffic seems to indicate players feel the same way, as it’s been gradually growing since it launched in late July; currently, The Grinns Tale has 140,000 monthly active users and 20,000 daily active users.

The Grinns Tale is developed by Nexon and co-published by 6waves. Nexon’s a major player in the mainstream video game business thanks to its success with free-to-play titles and MMO games (so big, in fact, that Nexon reportedly was looking to buy Electronic Arts earlier this year). However, it’s still having a tough time gaining a major toehold on Facebook. The company’s other big social games — Kartrider Dash and Cloudstone — aren’t showing traffic numbers much higher than The Grinns Tale. That said, the traffic for Kartrider Dash and Cloudstone is similar to  The Grinns Tale, with player numbers generally staying at the same level since their launch dates: Kartrider has 40,000 DAU and 450,000 MAU while Cloudstone has 20,000 DAU and 280,000 MAU.  Meanwhile, Nexon currently has a total of 82,000 daily active users and 910,000 monthly active users.

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