The Golden Goose Is Cooked; Brunswick Partner Nina Devlin’s Husband Charged with Insider Trading

Former Lehman Brothers broker Matthew Devlin was charged with insider trading today, accused of sharing information about his wife Nina Devlin‘s work on behalf of public relations clients of the international Brunswick Group.

According to the latest Reuters update, she hasn’t been charged and the statement from her lawyer the husband gathered the information without her knowledge to net clients, including a 1994 Playboy Playmate $4.8 million. Matthew Devlin received cash, a Cartier watch, a widescreen TV, and tuition at a Porsche driving school in return.

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Brunswick’s site says Devlin “works on M&A transactions, proxy fights, activist investor situations, IPOs, and crisis & litigation assignments. She also has experience advising U.S. and international corporations, as well as newly public companies, on their investor relations programs and managing the investor relations aspects of special situations.”

Brunswick’s statement supports Devlin, who’s husband used her schedule and other infomation (details not yet known) about 13 of Brunswick’s clients in the midst of deals including Electronic Arts and their attempt to grab Take-Two.

Both Matthew Devlin and the day traders involved referred to Nina Devlin as the “golden goose” in emails. “We need the goose to pop its head out and show us the biz. Where has my goose gone? Come back little goose.” wrote the 27-year-old perp.

Dealbook has the criminal complaint documents.