The Friday Dump: Lindsay Lohan Has a Publicist, Not a PR Professional

We were just talking about how publicists and PR people are totally different. And who better to help us illustrate that point than Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay recently told Oprah and anyone else who will listen that she’s totally sober now—pinkie swear! Few believe this claim because she’s gone to rehab more times than Eli Manning has thrown an interception this season and, until recently, she paid some dude $2,500 per day to be her “sober coach.”

But after an enterprising paparazzi took a picture of the actress in which she appeared to be reaching for a bottle of wine while hanging out at a friend’s house, her brave publicist came to the rescue, telling Yahoo or whoever that she “continues to succeed in her recovery” and:

“The photo does not show Lindsay consuming any alcohol and could easily be misleading as her purse is also in the photo (next to the bottle) despite what the photos show.”

That’s not much of a press release now, is it?

The rep obviously provides a valuable service. Being a publicist for celebrities with terrible reputations requires a unique skill set, and we have respect for anyone who can go back and forth with the tabloids without pulling his/her hair out.

But the next time you tell someone that you work in “public relations” and they assume that you spend all day waiting for TMZ to pick up the phone, this stupid story provides a nice way to make the distinction.