The First-Ever MTV O___ Music Awards (OMAs) Set for April 28

MTV announced an addition to its stable of awards shows: the O___ Music Awards (OMAs), recognizing creativity and technology in digital music. The inaugural event will be held Thursday, April 28, across multiple platforms, honoring artists, technology innovators, fans, and Web celebrities.

The OMAs will appear on MTV Music & Logo Group platforms including,,, and, along with a major social-media presence.

MTV Music & Logo Group president Van Toffler said:

Music is the fastest-growing category in the digital space, but it currently lacks an event that truly celebrates and rewards the innovation happening every day. MTV has redefined the concept of the traditional award show, and we’re set to flip it on its head again with the launch of the OMAs.

Executive vice president Dermot McCormack added:

The OMAs not only fills a much needed void, but also perfectly builds upon MTV Music Group’s four pillars of music — discovery, consumption, interaction, and sharing. In the past few years, MTV Music Group has experienced exponential growth and has become the Web’s most visited online music destination. We’re now in the right place to launch a first-of-its-kind award show that commemorates digital music and innovation.