The Facebook Marketing Bible: Updates for June 2012

Events have been a premier feature for Facebook even in its earliest iterations. A great tool for community organizing and brand promotion, Facebook Events can be utilized for both individual Facebook users and companies of all sizes. Optimize your Facebook Events with the June 2012 edition of the Facebook Marketing Bible: The Leading Resource for Marketing and Advertising on Facebook.

In the June 2012 edition, we cover topics for marketers and advertisers, including Pages vs Timeline + Subscribe, optimizing Facebook Events for individuals and pages, and Facebook’s new promote button.

About the Facebook Marketing Bible

The Facebook Marketing Bible has enabled thousands of brands, app developers, content publishers and businesses of all sizes to do more with Facebook, from the basics of creating a successful fan page, to the complexities of social plugin integration on an off-Facebook website.

The Facebook Marketing Bible includes hundreds of pages of strategies, comprehensive how-to guides and case studies analyzing today’s most successful marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook. Take a tour of the Facebook Marketing Bible.

Recent Additions to the Facebook Marketing Bible

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