The Facebook Kool-Aid is Really Sweet

Everyone in Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech world have a new favorite drink: Facebook Kool-Aid. I think Facebook may just be the solution to everyone’s problems. Soon enough, someone will develop a Facebook application that cures cancer. Today I spent one hour in a meeting discussing “social networking marketing strategies.” As part of the discussion, I asked the CEO of a popular startup in Silicon Valley about what the most effective social networking mechanism is. He responded “Facebook.” Not that I didn’t already know the answer, but when you are sitting in on meetings where discussion will actually impact the future direction of a company, it suddenly becomes more significant. Everywhere you look, someone is talking about how wonderful Facebook is. Whether it is the general user, who doesn’t care at all about the future of technology or a technology elitist such as Jeff Pulver. Today, Jeff Pulver stated that he is leaving LinkedIn completely and just using Facebook. Pulver states his rationale plainly:

In LinkedIn, everything centers around establishing a connection. In Facebook, connecting is just the beginning. Facebook is all about community. And this can been seen by doing things like leaving messages on users’ walls, joining groups and having discussions, as well as some of the more social applications built for Facebook.

I also have been having a similar experience to Jeff in that I am adding most of the people I meet at technology events to my Facebook friends. So has Facebook become the most effective platform for both professional and social interactions? Possibly. I am able to keep tabs on all my contacts much more easily on Facebook than any of the other platforms. Conversely, I still prefer to use LinkedIn after attending a networking event because it is the easiest way for me to separate my social and professional lives. Will you leave LinkedIn for Facebook?

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