The Facebook Effect

Last Friday a group of my friends and I set out for a fun little evening of free vodka, art, and snacks at the Swedish embassy. We had RSVP’d via Facebook and left our apartments early to attend was was sure to be a crowded event.

We knew the event would be crowded by the over 2,000 people that RSVP’d online to attend. The event, organized to meet the needs of about 300, would surely be overwhelmed by the massive interest of over 2,000 Facebook users.

Arriving half an hour early my friends and I were no where near the front of the line and began working if we would be able to even get in. According to the Washington Post the lines for this event stretched around the block and through most of Georgetown.

To be honest after my friends and I gave up waiting online after an hour and half. We were in sight of the entrance but were becoming turned off by the wait. We all wanted to be part of the event but found it difficult to wait in a line for an event we were uncertain of.

This event really demonstrates the massive marketing potential of Facebook when trying to attract the crowd. Massive groups of friends were waiting online together to attend this event and you could almost see the how it must have spread through the local colleges in DC; 1 friend inviting 5 friends who invited 5 more.

From what I read the event was a success. Well dressed mid-20’s experiencing culture. If you look at the event from another angle you have to wonder if the House of Sweden did the right thing by posting the event on Facebook.

Social media is a great way to get exposure, but sometimes that exposure can go viral, and you have to be prepared. The House of Sweden held a great event and used Facebook to drive traffic to the event. The one thing they failed to do was plan for the massive draw they had created.

If you know about any other event happening around the DC area let me know. I love attending all sorts of events and enjoy seeing how they are marketed. Do you think that the House of Sweden did the right thing posting the event on Facebook?