The Easiest Way To See If The Link You’re About To Retweet Is Old News

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when we share what we think is a new, exciting link only to have our followers tweet back to us “LAME! We saw that six months ago. Get in the game.”

It hurts to be out of the loop, but it’s hard to stay in it with the lightening fast speed of social media sharing making even a link shared 24 hours ago seem old.

If your biggest nightmare is being behind the times, there’s a website that will take all of the anxiety out of not knowing whether you’re committing social media suicide by sharing an old link, and it’s ultra-easy to use, too.

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the Is It Old website. All you have to do to check and see if a link has been tweeted around the world is visit the site, enter the URL of the link you’re considering tweeting, and you’ll get your answer.

If a link has been tweeted time and time again, the site will tell you that it’s “Ridiculously old.” It will also tell you exactly how many times that URL has been tweeted, and when it was first seen on Twitter.

However, if you’ve discovered a new link, you’ll get the more encouraging “You’re the first!” message once you’ve run it through the system. This means it has yet to be shared on Twitter, so tweet away – you’ll be blazing a trendy trail.

Let those bruises on your ego heal. Starting being the one who starts trends, rather than the one who jumps on them two months too late (but make sure you read those links first!).

And as an added tip, Is It Old lets you know that sharing is always a good idea, because it’s “mad fresh”. And I bet even if it’s made the rounds, your followers will find it just as useful as you did!

(Hat tip: The Next Web, Image courtesy of pzAxe via Shutterstock)