The Dell Mini 5 is Probably Too Small: Is the iPad Too Big or Just Right?

As Engadget’s blog title clearly states, it has a bunch of new photographs and a video of the Dell Mini 5 Android-based mini-tablet…

Dell Mini 5: we have it (update: new pics and video!)

I’m a big fan of using the iPod touch and, more recently, a Nexus One as a mini-tablet device around the home and office. I’m looking forward to using an Apple iPad for this purpose in the near future. But, I think the iPad is a bit too big with its 9.7-inch display. So, what about the Dell Mini 5? It’s 5-inch display is 35% larger than the 3.7-inch displays on the Droid and Nexus One. My gut instinct is that this is just a bit too small to be truly useful as a web/email/video pad.

My personal preference is for a tablet that has a 7 to 8-inch display. Ironically, this is about the size of some of the failed Microsoft UMPC devices. Although I think the iPad is a bit too large, this opinion was formed without even seeing one in person. It may be tht it is closer to “the right size” than a 5-inch tablet though. I’ve long maintained that a 5×8=inch paper notebook is about the right size for a tablet. The diagnol of such a paper notebook is about 9.4-inches. So, the iPad comes very close to what I long thought was an ideal tablet size.