The Day After The Windows Phone 7 Announcement

Yesterday was definitely a big day for Microsoft, as the Windows Phone 7 Series announcement dominated the technology news. By and large reactions have been positive, which has Todd Bishop asking whether Microsoft has its mojo back? Todd does note that the positive reactions are to announcements of new products not yet shipping, but it is worthy of noting that there has been a more positive vibe towards Microsoft. While past criticism of Microsoft has been justified, consumers win with better products from Microsoft and its competitors.

ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley came up with a list of ten questions that she had after the Windows Phone 7 announcement, and got some answers from Microsoft. One of the questions is whether Windows Phone 7 will be able to run Windows Mobile 6.x programs, and she did not get an answer, but I wonder whether there is a possibility of an emulator, provided by either Microsoft or third party, to fill the gap? An emulator would be a play out of Palm’s playbook, but could be done right on the hardware the will run Windows Phone 7.

Last week I wrote a post making some predictions about what we would see in the announcement. I was right that we would see screenshots, but wrong in thinking they would be similar to Windows Mobile 6.5.3. I was also wrong in that Microsoft made no mention of services like MyPhone, that it will provide in support of Windows Phone 7. We might learn more about these services when Microsoft provides developers details about Windows Phone 7 at the Mix Conference in March.

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