The Current Issue of Project is Free

Project, Richard Branson’s iPad magazine, released its 4th issue last Thursday. For a limited time, you can get this issue for free thanks to the sponsorship of American Express. This appears to be a one time offer, and from the way the promotion is phrased on iTunes it sound like the offer might expire, which would mean that this issue would revert to its retail price of $2.99 and £1.79.

It looks like Project is experimenting with new forms of funding – ones that don’t involve paying Apple 30%. Project isn’t the first to try this; The Daily was free for the first month after launch, when it was sponsored by Verizon. The Financial Times’ iPad edition was initially free thanks to the sponsorship from Hublot, while International Herald Tribune was briefly free on the iPad thanks to Cartier.

You can find it in iTunes.

via Project