The Curious Case of Erin Andrews

Whether it’s her stint on Dancing with the Stars, her commercials for Sony, her peephole stalker, or her ability to provide poignant and colorful information during some of the biggest telecasts in sports, Erin Andrews is arguably one of the most recognizable sports media personalities.

So when she reported that TCU was slipping in their new Nike cleats during the Rose Bowl it seemed normal. Two weeks later she signed on the dotted line with…Reebok?.

“I’m very excited to be the first female to become part of Reebok’s ZigTech campaign, joining superstars like Peyton Manning, Sidney Crosby, John Wall, Chad Ochocinco, and many more,” said Andrews in a statement. And so begins a very curious case of the journalist/spokesperson.

First off – and props to the Orlando Sentinel for this very interesting point – she mentioned athletes in her statement and she is a sportscaster. A female athlete would’ve been the more logical and marketable choice for Reebok to resonate with women. But most of Andrews’ “fans” are men.

Back to the original comment made about Nike cleats, was it a conflict of interest? ESPN says that if Andrews ever covers a story about shoes she will disclose her affiliation with Reebok. Lest we forget thousands of people were watching this game with their eyes on equipment (Nike) and performance based on that very equipment (slipping in the new cleats). Those very coaches and athletic personnel are watching every game and event Ms. Andrews covers for those very reasons.

Ms. Andrews is a very marketable person and there are plenty of ESPN personalities who rep beers, fast food joints, and color TVs. This is quite a quandary. Even the NY Times had issues trying to find an answer to, well, the issue!

Only time will tell if Erin Andrews, journalist or entertainer, will be the vaulting point or the plank for such crossover in the spokesperson industry.