The Company That Helped Build Dollar Shave Club Is Investing Big in Original Content

Mammoth Media wants to reach cord-cutting millennials

Beauty Bible TV is just one of Mammoth Media's Facebook pages aimed at a younger audience.
Beauty Bible TV

The venture builder that previously helped get companies like Dollar Shave Club, HelloSociety and FameBit off the ground, is launching a new media entertainment network.

LA-based Science Inc. was already creating content for millennials with multiple Facebook pages and apps. Today, it’s launching Mammoth Media to consolidate those efforts.

Two of its Facebook pages, and Beauty Bible TV, have reached 25 million users. Mammoth Media’s six apps have more than 5 million monthly active users.

“We want to create lightweight entertainment experiences for a younger audience,” Science Inc. CEO Michael Jones told Adweek. “It’s something they can pick up throughout the day.”

Jones, a former CEO at Myspace, was the first investor in Dollar Shave Club, which disrupted the men’s grooming industry.

With Mammoth Media, Jones’ goal will be to connect live video projects with brand partnerships to reach millennial cord cutters.

“Mammoth and Science Inc. are built on that incubator style of learning,” said chief revenue officer Peter Szabo. “You have to experiment to find out what works. Once you do that, the challenge then becomes how to weave brands into what you’re trying to monetize.”

"There are multiple ways you can be entertained on your phone, but there isn't a set format for what that has to look like.”
Science Inc. CEO Michael Jones

In Mammoth’s newest app, Yarn, users consume content, but they also pay to subscribe.

Szabo calls branded entertainment, or brand incorporation with Mammoth’s editorial and video content “bridges.”

“Just like live reads that used to take place in the middle of morning radio shows, there are all kinds of ways to reach consumers with brands,” he said.

Mammoth’s success, both in audience and in brand partnerships, hinges on how millennials consume media.

Partners like Taco Bell and Dunkin’ Donuts can advertise with digital displays, in-video ad units or more innovative concepts like branded entertainment to a generation that “grew up posting comments and expecting these content creators to talk back to them,” said Jones.

“The millennial viewer,” he said, “is one who can potentially influence content being created while creating their own content as well.”

Szabo said, “Content and ads have to feel valuable and additive to their experience; otherwise, they’ll tune right back out.”

Mammoth Media will continue to build on its social- and app-driven successes by producing more “lightweight and casual” content for young audiences to dip in and out of.

“There are multiple ways you can be entertained on your phone,” Jones said, “but there isn’t a set format for what that has to look like. It could be a five-minute TV show or an article or a quiz. You can impact a consumer and deliver entertainment in different ways.”

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