The Clippers Play Defense to Protect Their Brand

The big question in our minds yesterday afternoon was “How will the L.A. Clippers respond to the biggest/most annoying news story of the week (especially while still playing in the first round of the NBA playoffs)?”

The answer is a pretty good case study in keep-it-simple real-time marketing–the team just replaced its logo with the statement image atop its homepage (note the URL


Have to love the consistency in messaging.

For a while, the image was the homepage; AdWeek reports that fans couldn’t click through in the moments after Adam Silver delivered his decision. The team also made the change on all social media channels.

Yet, based on the predictions of every sports writer around, we don’t think the Clippers’ communications team really knew what would happen.

The “We Are One” image, avatar and hashtag manages to convey, in three words, what no press conference or release really could: however things go down, we’re sticking together as a team–our owner be damned.

In case you wondered whether the guy really played a role in the team’s day-to-day operations, the answer is now quite clear.

Oh, and:

The Clippers now lead the series 3-2.

[H/T AdWeek]

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.