The Card Table is the Best Virtual Deck of Card You’ll Ever Need

The Card Table is a genius idea, especially for those who love their iPads and iPhones. The app turns your tablet into a card table that shuffles and deals cards, and your phone is your hand of cards. You can never have enough cards am I right? Plus, the app is free.


What is Card Table?
Card Table is an iOS app for both iPad and iPhone/iPod that lets you and up to three of your friends play your favorite card games with a virtual deck of 52 cards. You need an iPad to run the game and an iPhone or iPod touch for each player. The iPad acts like a card table, and is home to the deck of cards. Players keep their cards on their iPhone or iPod, which becomes their virtual hand. Players can send cards between the Card Table (the iPad) and their hands (their iPhones and iPods).


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