The Big Newsroom in the Sky

Two obituaries of note today to D.C. media types:

Bill Shadel, the first host of CBS’ Face the Nation and later an anchor at the upstart ABC, passed away Saturday, according to the AP. Among his many journalistic moments of note, the Seattle Times says, were that he and Edward R. Murrow were the first reporters to arrive at Buchenwald, that he moderated the third presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960, and that he spent 12 straight hours in the anchor chair during John Glenn’s 1962 orbit.

ABC’s The Note also reported this today:

Leo Meidlinger, an immeasurably talented producer for ABC News in Washington, died over the weekend. Leo made his Note debut in 2004 by writing arch production bus vignettes, but his presence at ABC News was of course far larger. He was a key part of ABC News’ coverage of virtually every major event since 1972. Kind, patient, generous to younger workers and possessed of a wonderful sense of humor marinated by life experiences few had, Leo was truly an original. And he was a fabulous and fair news producer. We will miss him, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and our colleagues.

UPDATE: We’ve heard from a bunch of readers today who have fond memories of working with Leo. If you have a favorite story or memory to share, email us: garrett AT mediabistro DOT com.