The Best Twitter Applications To Help You Find A Job

So we’ve done social network applications to help with your job search, the best iphone apps, but how could we possibly forget our new best digital friend Twitter? The answer, we can’t, so we won’t. Today from the Cheezhead recruiting blog Tawny Labrum, discusses the best Twitter apps for job searching. Below are our top favorites from the list.

  • TwitterJobCast &#151 A local job search that allows you to see who is hiring on Twitter by browsing for jobs by city, state or zip code. It works by making requests to the Twitter API. Additionally, the Yahoo! Maps API is used to translate locations into geocodes for use with the Twitter API.
  • TweetMyJobs &#151 TweetMyJobs is a service that brings recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers together on Twitter. They create Twitter Channels for major cities and job types, and an easy-to-use interface to subscribe to those channels. You will get instant notification of any new jobs as a text message on your cell phone. In your job search all you have to do it create an account on Twitter and TweetMyJobs, subscribe to the desired Job Channels, and have any new openings automatically sent to your cell phone as a text message via Twitter. You can also access job openings on the web at TweetMyJOBS or Twitter.
  • ConnectTweet &#151 See what is going on inside the doors of a potential company, through the Tweets of their employees. ConnectTweet allows individuals at the front lines of the company to add a #tag to their company relevant tweets, those tagged tweets are then filtered and posted to the companies @org’s Twitter account, allowing the company’s followers to clearly see the human voices on the inside.
  • And while not exactly applications, here are some good Tweets to follow that might help keep you informed when searching for a job.

    @JobAngels &#151 Helping the unemployed find jobs
    @indeed &#151 One search. All jobs.
    @jobshouts &#151 General job postings
    @simplyhired &#151 Job search site
    @StartUpHire – Jobs at VC backed companies
    @twithire – Job board service

    For more services, check out the full article here.