Becki Heller

Secret Tweets

So we here at MediaJobsDaily are all about helping you find jobs and keep your job. In the good old days when the economy was still robust, few companies would […]

Moving On Over?

Guess what, no one was fired today! Rather should we say that no one at the New York Observer was fired today. Instead longtime editor in chief, Peter Kaplan, has […]

What Do You Have To Do To Keep Your Job?

We’re going to file this one under WTF! A reporter for the Suburban Journals, a sister publication of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was shot last year while covering a city […]

Measuring Success Of HR

So in this economic climate, major companies are always looking for ways to scrimp and save. If you’re in HR, you maybe feeling the brunt of this right now. It […]

The Best Twitter Applications To Help You Find A Job

So we’ve done social network applications to help with your job search, the best iphone apps, but how could we possibly forget our new best digital friend Twitter? The answer, […]

What’s The Point Of Performance Appraisals?

So everyone sort of quakes in their boots when they hear that there will be a performance appraisal. Indeed even we discussed the pointlessness of them. Well now it comes […]

NYT Won’t Negotiate With Globe In Public

The fight is raging on between Boston Globe unions and the New York Times Co., who threatened to shutter the Globe unless its unions agree to $20 million in concessions. […]

Chicago Tribune May Cut 20 Percent Of Staff

It’s going to be a tough week for the Chicago Tribune, according to a report by the Chicago Reader. Last week Gerould Kern, editor of the Trib, sent a company […]

Worst Ways Of Firing People

Listen up HR Managers! While letting people go is never easy, there is clearly a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it. HRM Today has a […]

Google News Timeline: The Best Time Suck For Journalists Since Twitter

It’s new, it cool and whoa does it waste time. Check out the newest thing from Google Labs (but not if you’re on deadline): Google News Timeline. PCWorld reports: Google […]